Gambling Legislation in Australia



In Australia, gambling is quite popular, this type of entertainment is used by more than 80% of Australian adults, and the fact that the number of PlayAmo casino users is constantly increasing, proves that. It is the highest figure in the world, each year the Australian citizen spends $1.6 thousand more than residents of other countries. This is one of the first states where in 2001, after the adoption of legislation gambling activity began to pay appropriate attention.

As in any other major country, gambling in Australia is completely legal, but there are quite strict rules.

In fact, Australia has one of the strictest sets of laws and rules concerning gambling. The government of the state has developed quite strict rules and laws to protect the rights of its citizens and replenish the country’s budget at the expense of taxes on gambling activities.

The Interactive Gambling Act regulating gambling activities was adopted by the Australian government in 2001. The law is focused on online gambling operators; winnings are not taxed, as it is not considered a professional activity, but rather a recreation.

The government of the country interprets winning not as profit, but as the player’s luck, because having won this time, the next time, the player is likely to lose. Access to online gambling is fully accessible, companies that are based in Australia can offer their services in other countries.


Taxes imposed on gambling operators depend on the state of incorporation of the company. The income that the state receives from taxes from gambling activities is about 15% of the budget.

The following taxes apply in the country:

  • Sales tax – this tax is imposed on gambling activities such as: sweepstakes, lottery tickets sales, bookmaker activities, etc.
  • Player loss tax – taxed such activities: sports betting, casinos, sweepstakes, etc.
  • Net income tax – taxed income derived from online poker, investment sweepstakes.
  • Licensing fees – casinos, lotteries, bookmaking, bingo, etc.

Peculiarities of Registration of a Gambling License in Australia

Gambling License

An important nuance that entrepreneurs wishing to order a gambling license in Australia should pay attention to is the existence of a number of regulators responsible for the control of gambling activities in the various states of the jurisdiction. Each of these regulators is entitled to impose its own gambling licensing requirements, common among which are:

  • Hiring exclusively qualified personnel with sufficient experience in the field of gambling.
  • Cooperation with law enforcement agencies.
  • Compliance with AML/CFT policies.
  • Compliance with the requirements of confidentiality and protection of personal information of users.
  • Ensuring the security of financial transactions.
  • Separately, it’s worth noting that by applying for a gambling license in Australia, you won’t be allowed to advertise online gambling.

To find out more and avoid extra issues, it is worth ordering a consultation on the registration of a gambling license in Australia.


The purchase of a gambling license in Australia is quite an attractive option for creating your own business, however, the licensing process itself cannot be called simple and fast. The solution of such a task requires serious preparation, as well as the involvement of qualified specialists.

For the successful implementation of projects, it is worth asking for help from specialists. They will provide support in obtaining a license for online gaming in Australia, as well as help to effectively solve related issues.

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