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Card Decks

Even after entering your CasinoChan login for the first time, you cannot stop playing. But it will become more exciting if you play poker or baccarat with your friends. First, you should select the right deck, and this guide will help you. 

Classic Decks 

These are versatile card decks used for a variety of purposes: poker, backgammon, divination, magic tricks, and cardistry. The material is quite dense, hard-wearing. Cards slip well in your hands, flexible, and durable. Classic decks are inexpensive, as they are produced in huge quantities.

Popular instances of this type:

  • Bicycle Standard.
  • Bee.
  • Tally Ho.

The most popular deck is the Bicycle Standard. These are the best playing cards – pleasant to the touch, easy to slide in your hands. Patented AirCushionFinish coating. Recommended for beginner players.

Bee cards are often seen in gambling establishments. The sheets are easy to bend and resistant to wear and tear. The patented Cambric Finish coating ensures perfect slip.

Tally Ho features a special durable Linoid Finish, a flexible material.

Designer Decks

Designer Decks

These decks can not be confused with others, as each of them differs original thematic design:

  • An image of cute kittens.
  • Fairies and magical creatures.
  • Flowers, plants.
  • Other motives.

Designer items are often used in their shows by magicians and cardists. They are loved by collectors and are also great for gift giving. 


Cardistry cards are suitable for professionals. It is better to learn the art of tricks on classic decks. As cardistri refers to the art of visual effects, the main emphasis is on the original design and image.


These are the best cards for poker, as they are durable and hard-wearing. They are also suitable for solitaire, a game of backgammon. The cards are notable for their weight, they are easy to hold in hands, and the drawing does not rub off. Because of their density, they are not suitable for cards and tricks: they are inflexible.

Copag Neo Tune In

The Neo Candy Tune In from the Copag Neo series is one of the most popular in the world. Copag celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2008. Durable, plasticky, easy to play deck, covered in plastic, the background is white.

Bicycle Black Ghost

Black Ghosts is one of the most popular designer decks in the world. It became widespread in 2011, thanks to the mass release by Ellusionist. The first version of 500 copies was released in 2005.

These are playing cards on a black background with white drawings. The material is multi-layered cardboard covered with elastic plastic. The deck contains 56 sheets plus jokers.

Here are the benefits of these cards:

  • Unique design.
  • Durability.
  • Flexibility, elasticity.
  • Excellent glide.

Ellusionist Madison Rounders Black

Another set for tricks and cardistry, made in the style of minimalism. A combination of three basic colors, nothing superfluous. The softness and malleability of the material with the extraordinary strength of the material is a feature of the Ellusionist Madison Rounders Black.

The main advantages of these cards:

  • Elastic plastic cover.
  • Nice design.
  • Convenient Format.

Theory 11 Tycoon Blue

A poker set with plastic elastic, made in the USA. The deck of the usual poker size is distinguished by its original design. Shirt attracts attention by its unusual design solution.

Main advantages:

  • Soft elastic coating.
  • Durability.
  • Excellent glide.
  • Attractive design.

Theory 11 Tycoon Blue are the best cards to give as gifts. In addition to poker, you can show off tricks and just pass the time playing a game of backgammon with good friends.

Partida Las Vegas

Partida Las Vegas is made in a classic style. The sheets are made of multi-layered cardboard, covered with soft plastic. They are comfortable to hold in your hands, you feel a pleasant weight when shuffling. Red shirt, classic standard drawings.


  • Low price.
  • Soft coating of plastic.
  • Convenient Format.

An inexpensive deck will not last long, as the pattern on the front quickly rubs off.

The Most Beautiful Playing Cards

The most beautiful are the designer decks, they have a high rating. They are distinguished by the exclusive front part, the original shirt pattern. The fashion for designer decks began in the 2000s, since then all decks have been divided into:

  • Classic.
  • Design.

The original performance was also before the 2000s, but in the new millennium, the flight of fancy of the creators is not limited by anything.

Designer Playing Cards

How are designer decks different from other decks? First of all, the pattern on the back side – the shirt. If they are intended as gifts, they are packaged in metal or wooden designer containers instead of cardboard boxes.

Maison de Jeu is a set of two decks of 52 pieces each. The exquisite design will appeal to lovers of beautiful things. A great gift for a collector of playing cards or someone who likes to spend evenings playing cards with friends.

Everyday Zombie is a unique deck, hand-illustrated with each card. Zombies are depicted with different emotions, they live in their own world. The cards are good for cardistries, magic tricks, staining, and floriches. Fans of cartoon zombies will love them.

Unusual Playing Cards

Gift sets for playing poker or backgammon are sometimes made with great taste and originality. For example, the box may resemble a silver bullion, as in Bicycle Steampunk. For fans of eco-friendly items, there is a deck created from natural materials using natural paints, like Bicycle Eco. The box for the NOC v3s opens unusually: on the long side.

Embossing on the boxes is a favorite technique of Theory11. These models look luxurious, they are a gift option. For example: Artisan, Medallions, and Monarch.

The Most Expensive Playing Cards 

Is there an expensive deck in the world, and what makes it different? The card sheets of an expensive deck are made of premium gold (made in Japan). It is a fairly strong but resilient material. The gold sheets are light, thin, and comfortable to hold.

These cards will never tear, nor will the artwork on the sheets rub off. Suitable for collectors as well as those who like to spend their evenings playing cards.

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