Blackjack strategies


Blackjack strategies

Basic strategy

The basic strategy is, as the name implies, the strategy that you absolutely must learn first because it is the one that is going to be the “foundation” of all the others, so you can’t skip it. What is really great about this strategy is that from the very first moves you play with it, you will immediately feel that you are taking control of the game.

What will you discover in our article on basic strategy?

  • A video to understand the basic strategy;
  • Blackjack basic strategy chart;
  • The basic surrender strategy chart.
  • Don’t wait any longer to become an ace at basic strategy.

Card counting

Blackjack table

Once you have fully mastered the basic strategy and blackjack rules, you will naturally move on to a blackjack card counting strategy but don’t think that this one is that easy to learn, it takes even more practice and therefore you will have to be very brave to get through it. However, if you can use it to perfection, then you will potentially be able to make thousands of dollars quite quickly.

What’s in store for you on the card counting page?

  • A 5-minute instructional video;
  • The detailed technique to succeed for sure;
  • Mobile applications to help you.

Become an expert and learn how to count blackjack cards now.

The insurance question

Blackjack game

In blackjack, you know that you have the option of choosing insurance in the event that the banker has an ace in his initial hand, which could lead to him having a natural blackjack. If you want to avoid being fooled, then you can insure yourself against this possible natural blackjack. Learn all about insurance in our specialized article.

To learn more about insurance, visit our special page and you will find:

  • How insurance works;
  • A concrete example to master the principle of insurance;
  • Our verdict on the use of insurance.
  • Find all the information about insurance in blackjack to become an expert.

Free practice mode

If you want to succeed at blackjack, you need to practice and what better way than in the free mode of an online casino to put the theory we teach you into practice? So if you’re lacking information about this mode of play for blackjack, read our article and let the fun of a free game convince you.

Here’s what you can expect on our free practice page:

  • A game library with free computer games;
  • A game library with free smartphone games;
  • The advantages of free games.

Practice for free with our free blackjack section without further ado.

Tips to implement

Finally, to finish our strategy section, we have decided to share with you every single blackjack tip that can be used easily and that can put you in the ideal situation to win. Of course, these tips are not a substitute for the strategies you have had a chance to study before.

What you will learn from the tips page:

  • Explanations of the basic strategies;
  • Blackjack insurance tips;
  • Free games for you to practice.

Don’t waste another second and check out the blackjack tips page, it’s your turn to play.

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