Perfect Pairs Blackjack


Perfect Pairs Blackjack

How about spicing up your blackjack games by adding a clever wager to your game? That’s what Perfect Pairs Blackjack is all about. That’s why we wanted to devote an entire article to this alternative version of blackjack.

Specifics of the variant

Perfect Pairs Blackjack rules

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is one of the easiest variations to learn. This is a very fun variant that really won us over. Not only does it allow you to win money on a game with the classic blackjack rule, but it also offers you the opportunity to multiply your winnings with an ingenious bet. To do this, you must place a side bet of 1 Euro at the beginning of the game. If your first two cards are of the same rank and/or suit, you can win big, as the table below explains:

  • Two cards of the same rank ( 8 ♠ + 7 ♠ ).
  • Two cards of the same value and suit ( 6 ♦ + 6 ♦ ).
  • Two cards of the same suit ( 6 ♥ + 3 ♣ ).

Note, that the payout ratio differs between land-based and virtual establishments.

If you choose to bet on Perfect Pairs, it will not interfere with the flow of the blackjack game in any way, since this bet is separate from the final issue, namely: beating the dealer. Therefore, the rules of Perfect Pairs Blackjack are strictly the same as the classic version.

Where to play this variant?

play Perfect Pairs Blackjack

This variant is extremely popular, as it allows players to easily multiply their Blackjack winnings. You will have no trouble finding a virtual establishment that offers this type of betting. Realtime Gaming and Microgaming have both developed a version of Perfect Pairs Blackjack online. You can visit Majestic Slot Casino, which offers a Perfect Pairs game impeccably developed by Realtime Gaming. On this table, the betting limits are between 1 and 500 dollars. You can also play this variant at the online casino La Riviera.

Our opinion on the variant

We recommend playing Perfect Pairs, as it is one of the most fun Blackjack variations, which can also lead to a lot of money. Also, if you lose your bets several times in a row during the course of the game, you will only need one winning combination to make up for your previous losses. More chances to win, less risk of loss, so don’t wait any longer to try Perfect Pairs Blackjack. But this is not the only variant of blackjack. Now that you know all about Perfect Pairs Blackjack, if you want to learn more about the different variants of the card game, our articles will help you.

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