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6:5 Blackjack

Ever since card counters took over the blackjack tables in land-based casinos, the latter have had to implement multiple tricks in order to keep their precious advantages. In particular, as a result of counting strategies, land-based establishments have had the idea of introducing multiple decks into the shoe. However, in recent years, it is common to find that some casinos are slowly reintroducing single deck blackjack. This variant is called 6:5 Blackjack.

Variant specifics

6:5 Blackjack online

This variant is called Blackjack 6:5, as it takes its name from the payouts of the game. In fact, the payouts have been completely changed in this version. The payouts have been changed from 3:2 to 6:5. Also, as stated above, 6:5 Blackjack is played with only one pack of cards. Some may consider this to be an advantage. However, the reality is quite different. In fact, with 6:5 Blackjack, you risk losing more than you win. As you may know, classic Blackjack has a payout ratio of 3:2. Playing with this version, you will pocket 30 Dollars for a bet of 20 Dollars. Whereas with a 6:5 payout ratio, you’ll win $24 for the same amount of money bet. So, by reducing the payout, the casino gains an absolutely considerable advantage over the game.

Let’s illustrate, once again, the disadvantages of this method in numbers. With 6:5 Blackjack, the casino’s advantage is 1.4%. This is very high when you consider that the classic version has a maximum of 0.5%. This low payout makes blackjack one of the most profitable casino games. So, even if you hope to beat the casino advantage by playing Blackjack with one pack of cards, your chances of winning will be severely compromised and your bankroll will plummet.

Where to play this variant?

Many land-based and virtual establishments now offer 6:5 Blackjack. If, despite our previous warnings, you still want to play this variant, it is very easy to find a table to play Blackjack online. There are even rumours that more and more casinos will be phasing out the 3:2 tables in favour of the 6:5 tables.

Our opinion on the variant

6:5 Blackjack rules

If you are hoping to win money when you sit down at a blackjack table, then I strongly advise you to avoid this variant, especially if you are familiar with the classic blackjack rules. As shown above, this variant offers players the worst odds of winning of all the blackjack variants. Casinos use it to trick players into thinking that playing with one pack of cards gives them a greater advantage over other blackjack games. Of course, this reasoning is completely false. I would advise you, once again, to avoid these tables, which are primarily for the benefit of the casinos who wish to take advantage of the ignorance of beginners.

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